Our trip to italy

What a wonderful trip Italy was.  The culture, the food, and the environment all were reminiscent of what we want as the culture in our company and to our customers and clients. According to a recent Bloomberg Businessweek article.

The Bloomberg Global Health Index of 163 countries ranks Italy as the healthiest on Earth, based on variables such as life expectancy and incidence of high blood pressure’.

The lifestyle of the Italian culture is such a joy to experience.  We toured the ancient cities of Rome and Venice.  Ate the famous Fiorentina steak in Florence and even toured the grandiose castle of the Medici Family, getting inspirational ideas of Italian building quality.

Our trip to Italy was derived from the sense of experiencing the qualitative culture and atmosphere that we strive to have in our organization but also the tangible building attributes that we can incorporate into our homes.  Every trip we take, we bring back “a little slice of Italy”.

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